At Son Vich de Superna, we produce high-quality, elegant and structured wines with great typicity. The Serra de Tramuntana can be found in these wines through the minerality, salinity and freshness that characterise them. They are wines with a unique identity within Majorca.

Result of a rigorous selection, in the field and the cellar, of the best grapes from our vineyards. Harvested in 10 kg - 12 kg boxes at the coolest hours of the day and treated with maximum care during the production process, we obtain the best results in the end product.

We believe in indigenous varieties, such as Gorgollassa, Prensal and Manto Negro, as well as international ones like Viognier, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Each one produced differently to obtain the differential characteristics and the typicity of each of our wines.

Son Vich de Superna produces high-quality, drinkable wines which are smooth mid-palate with a lingering finish. They represent the Serra de Tramuntana through the minerality and salinity that characterize them, and differentiate themselves due to their unique identity.





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