The earliest information we have on Son Vich de Superna dates back to the year 1236 when Majorca had just been conquered by King James I, who as reward for his cooperation and help in this conquest, granted these lands in Superna Valley to Knight Ludovico de Vic, who called the estate or possessió Son Vich de Superna.

After several owners, it was the Moragues-Monlau family in the mid-19th century who renovated the buildings to their present state. They are all built with limestone extracted from the same valley. Construction began on the main houses in 1895, with work being completed in 1900 and one of the best Romantic gardens on the island of Majorca being created next to them. This family planted vines between the river and the houses, and made wine for their own consumption. Agricultural exploitation was primarily based on oil and cattle.

The Sampol-Massanet family purchased it in 1981 and remodelled the production system, committing primarily to vines, with abundant orange trees, olive trees, sheep and hens, and returning the garden to its ancient splendour, continuing with Majorcan ancestral traditions, such as pig slaughtering.

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