After the heat wave came the grape harvest!

The natural coolness that the Serra Tramuntana mountain range brings to Son Vich de Superna, has allowed us to overcome in good conditions the heat wave that we have suffered this summer in Mallorca. Even so, the high temperatures have made us bring forward the harvest by several weeks. The heat wave has caused an earlier ripening of the grapes, and once the grapes are ripe and have a high concentration of sugars it is important to harvest them so that they do not spoil. Normally the harvest of the first grapes began towards the end of August or the beginning of September, but this year we had to start cutting the grapes on the 19th.

We have started harvesting the viognier grapes with which we produce our white wines. The grapes for the reds are always harvested later and start a couple of weeks later.

The harvest at Son Vich consists of a manual harvest, where the grapes are harvested delicately and selectively. We cut the bunches with scissors and place them in boxes of about 12 kg, in order to respect the integrity of the grapes as much as possible. We then take the grapes from the vineyard to the winery as quickly as possible, avoiding the hottest hours of the day to avoid the risk of spontaneous fermentation of the grapes.

The correct selection in the field of the clusters suitable for making our wines is fundamental. Immature, diseased bunches and of course the clusters, grapes that come out of the top of the plant of small size and that do not ripen, are left in the field. As maturity controls are carried out before harvesting begins, the probable final alcoholic content should not vary more than 0.5 alcoholic degrees. The process continues with destemming and crushing, where the stems are removed, and the grapes are crushed to facilitate pressing.

Once the harvest is finished, our winemaker Sara “works her magic” to prepare the excellent wines of Son Vich de Superna. In future issues we will tell you more secrets about the elaboration of our wines!

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