February at Son Vich: Pruning scissors

The Arabs observed that, in the already harvested fields where the goats and horses entered, these would eat the foliage and the thinner part of the vine shoots. The next year, the plants which had been eaten, produced stronger and more vigorous vine shoots with bigger grape clusters.

This is the moment when the R+D for scissors starts. Ergonomics, durability, size, weight, materials or number of cuts are some of the characteristics which have been innovated throughout the years.

We can find from the oldest and heaviest ones constructed with iron and wood.

To the more modern ones, manufactured with a combination of metals and plastic. In essence they are like the others, but in practice there is a great difference during the works, they are easier to use and more manageable.

But the great revolution arrived with the electric pruning scissors, which have made the life of the viticulturist much easier. These are the ones which, since a couple of years, we use at Son Vich and we will not abandon them.

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