Field notebook, end of vintage

The 2018 vintage in Son Vich de Superna has come to an end. The inclement weather of harvest weeks have made 2018 has been a complicated harvest, a vintage that we will remember.

Many days of rain and humidity have made our tasks difficult. We had to make a more exhaustive selection in the field, but the final result was worth it.

The alcoholic fermentations have ended, a process in which the sugar of the grape thanks to the yeasts has become alcohol. The initial grape juice has gone from being a must to being a branch wine, a cloudy wine and still a little aerated by the nearby fermentation, but in which we can already appreciate the nuances and quality of the wines that will be in the future.

In these days in which the hot hours escape and the days seem shorter, comes November, the month in which they normally have

malolactic fermentations in red wines. The Malic acid naturally present in grapes, aided by lactic acid bacteria, becomes lactic acid, a milder, less vivacious acid, which will make wines rounder and more pleasant.

In Son Vich we are still excited and impatient to move on to the next phase, we will tell you about it.

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