January and February winter pruning months

The cold has come to settle, the vines are already in lethargy, it is time for pruning.

 Taking advantage of the good day with which we have dawned in Son Vich de Superna, a sky completely clear and without wind, although with 3ºC of temperature, we have begun the tasks of pruning of our vineyard.

Pruning is a technical and precise job, as it is during pruning when we will be able to control the desired production for next season, in our case an average of 4,000-5,000 kg per hectare.

 It is during pruning that we form the plants to obtain from them their maximum potential and the best expression and quality of their grapes.

As the system of conduction of our vineyard is the espalier, after pruning it will be necessary to pull the shoots that have been hooked to the threads of the espalier by the tendrils.

All these activities will occupy us the winter in the vineyard of Son Vich de Superna.

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