Winter and dry pruning

The dry pruning period has arrived again at the Son Vich de Superna winery. These are very cold days where in the morning we reach 0ºC and everything dawns with a thin layer of ice, we begin one of the most important tasks in the vineyard to produce quality wines.


Pruning work begins on the oldest vines, leaving the youngest for the end of February or the beginning of March. In this way we protect the vines from possible spring frosts, which in the case of the youngest are much more sensitive and would be fatal if they occurred, since the cold can burn the young green shoots.


Our vines are placed on tresilles, with a double cordon, 4 or 5 thumbs per arm, depending on the variety, and 2 buds per thumb.

What is achieved during the pruning is to remove the old wood and cut the previous year’s shoots, already dry, so that we leave only two buds per thumb, from which the shoots that will provide us with the grapes of the following harvest 2022 will sprout. After pruning the vines will be just like in the image.

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