New sprouts, new cycle

Viognier and Ull de Llebre, like every year, and earlier than other grape types, show us their little sprouts. During the months ahead, these will develop in height and size until they evolve into vine shoots.

At the beginning these sprouts have a grassy and thin consistency. But when their growth in height stops, they start accumulating reserve material, and they loose the chlorophyll which gives them their green colour and they become wood.

These changes which take place in the vine shoots -long, thin, flexible and knurled stem of the vine– are what make the vine a perennial crop. They allow a safe support for the winter when the plant remains dormant until the new sprouting.

We can say that the vine is a perennial crop of caducous leaves because it will have many cycles throughout its live and in all of them it will loose its leaves.

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