Our wine crosses the Atlantic

This May, our wine crosses the Atlantic thanks to the digital magazine Viajes & Vinos, the best link between wine and you, which has dedicated a post to our Costers in its “Divinities” section. This is an initiative that aims to promote wine tourism and gastronomy in the Caribbean and Latin American markets, being pioneers in wine tourism consulting in the Caribbean. This magazine becomes a space where wineries and consumers converge and promote viticulture through wine tasting and visits to wineries and vineyards.

In the “Divinities” section, it highlights the tasting of our Costers 2015 vintage, and illustrates to readers the specifications and characteristics of our Tempranillo. The magazine explains that it is a high altitude wine, since it comes from the Serra de Tramuntana, and highlights that it is a riper red wine, ready to drink and without edges, with great freshness and roundness.

Here you can read the full article

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