Pruning at Son Vich de Superna

Once again, this year, during the month of January we undertake at Son Vich de Superna one of the most important Works at the vineyard: Pruning.

When pruning the plant, we eliminate vine shoots, reduce Wood (we eliminate between 85% and 90% of previous year’s Wood) and we favour the regeneration of the plant. We control its growth and prepare the vine for its adaptation to the conditions of the Serra Tramuntana mountains.

During these months, the vine is in a vegetative stop and the sap has stopped circulation through its branches. It finds itself in lethargy. This is the adequate moment, as it is when we least harm the plant.

It is a labour that requires to be done correctly, with knowledge and precision. Only a well-done pruning allows us to form adequately the plants, which in the spring with the first warm day will start sprouting again.

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