Son Vich present in “Tast de vins Mallorquins” organized by licores Moyà

One of the most interesting events that offers every year the “vila de Artà”, within the framework of activities of its traditional “Sa Fira” which is held the first week of September, there is the representative event organized by liquors Moyà, “TAST DE VINS MALLORQUINS”, which this year will take place on Saturday 8 September from 19:00h to 23:30h, in the courtyard of the facilities of Licores Moyà.

This new edition will once again count on the presence of Son Vich wines, with three of their best varieties; two reds, Supernins 2017 and Expresión 2016 and a white wine with personality, Viognier 2017. We hope that you enjoy these wines, in this magnificent meeting point of friends, customers and defenders of Mallorcan wines and make a visit to the stand that Son Vich will have in the sample.

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