The importance of the “marges” at Son Vich de Superna

The marges are stone walls made by the traditional technique of dry stone. They are only made of stone and no mortar or mortar is used to make them stronger, only the craft and experience of the margers masters make them durable over time, even for centuries. A strong base with larger stones and a final cord are essential to give strength to the whole. An ancestral art, a sign of identity of Mallorca and especially of the Serra de Tramuntana.

The first marges of which there are references in Mallorca date back to the 13th century and are located in the Serra de Tramuntana. They are an essential element for the crops and are key for the vineyard of the Son Vich de Superna winery. They allow us to cultivate on the plain, minimizing the slopes of the mountains and at the same time prevent the soil they contain from being lost due to rainfall.

Unfortunately, although they are strong and durable, in the rainiest years when torrential rains are present and the flow of water coming down the mountain is very high, some points are affected by the force of water runoff and suffer small landslides.

In Son Vich, de Superna, aware of the importance for our vineyard of a good maintenance of the marges, this December we have finished the reconstruction work, carried out by expert margers, of five of the points that had suffered the most from the water and the passage of time.

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