When January arrives, the vineyard has already lost all its leaves. With the cold the plant is in a period of vegetative stop where the sap has stopped circulating inside, the plant is in lethargy. It will not be until spring with the first warm days that it will begin to wake up.

It is during these months of vegetative stop, in which less damage is done to the plant, that we take advantage of the time to carry out the pruning.

Winter pruning is the most important work carried out in the vineyard. It is essential to control the plant, to achieve the desired quality, it allows us to rationalize the control of pests and diseases, to control the advance or delay of the ripening, to adapt the vegetation to the available water, to adapt the vineyard to the ecophysiological conditions of the Serra de Tramuntana, among others.

During pruning, 85%-90% of the wood from the previous year is removed. It is a work that requires knowledge and precision, done correctly it will allow us to form the plants adequately increasing their longevity.

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