We collaborate with SOIB 30 students from Esporles

We fight the ‘banyarriquer’

In Son Vich de Superna we carried out a collaboration with the students of Esporles of SOIB 30 program in our property, where they placed ecological traps to capture the Cerambyx Cerdo or commonly known as ‘banyarriquer’, whose larvae undermine the wood of the oaks weakening them and can even kill them.

Due to the storm Juliette last February, many holm oaks in the holm oak grove of Son Vich, in the area of Verger and Sobremunt were affected, losing a large amount of wood and branches. These breaks are entry routes to the interior of the tree for the insects, simpler than through the bark, which the ‘banyarriquer’ takes advantage of to lay its larvae and complete its cycle.

It is very important to control the population of this insect to prevent them from penetrating inside the oaks. To combat this insect, the students-workers of the SOIB 30 program made traps with wine, sugar and a a bit of salt, where the insect, attracted by the smell of wine, enters the trap but cannot get out again.

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